Window Roll out – 2017/18

At the end of the 2017 year, phasing through to this present year we have been involved in solidifying and standardising the Lidl’s brand by designing, manufacturing and installing new and improved window graphics for all Lidl’s UK stores.

By creating and standardising the imagery to suit all Lidl’s stores, we were able to help unify the Lidl’s brand so when customers walk into any store, they would enjoy the same experience.

This project installing internal signage instore and external signage to be placed on the store windows. The main challenge during the project involved working with different window sizes at different stores across the country and adjusting the sizing and images during the design and manufacturing process to fit this perfectly. Also, a big factor we had to considering during this project was the weather and working amongst the public inside and outside of the stores and ensuring their safety was factored in throughout the installation process.

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